Mr. Cooper,

I received your script analysis of my screenplay and was knocked-out with your thoroughness. Your probing yet pertinent questions coupled with detailed explanations have answered many a question enabling me to leap over a frustrating turning point in my writing. I know I can do this.


I am in your debt. Thank you for the time and effort that you spent on my screenplay.  It is exactly what I needed!  Your advice rings true and I'm back to the drawing board.  You are wise and motivating.  I will write a hundred scripts if that is what it takes to watch one of my own.  I'll make sure to thank you in my acceptance speech for the Academy Awards.  Thank you for helping me grow into a better writer.


Thanks so much for your critique of my screenplay.  I greatly value your feedback.  For the modest fee you charge, I’m impressed by the amount of time and attention you poured into this.  You have given me much to work on.  Your notes will be an enormous help.  Regards,


Early this year you reviewed my script.  You really helped me take that script to the next level.  Your evaluation was very detailed, very insightful and gave me both a list of items to address as well as some encouragement.  I wanted to let you know that the script was a finalist in this year's Bluecat Screenplay Competition.  It was one of the top 6 out of 600 scripts.  I did an agency letter blitz and received 6 requests for scripts. One agent liked the writing and wants to see some more of my work.


Man, I got my money's worth.  Thanks for the kind words and the insight.


Your knowledge and passion for writing as well as your common sense is greatly professed in your instructive review of my material. I did not expect or hope for the extreme level of competence that you put into your review.  I hope your students appreciate and take advantage of your talents.



When I'm onstage receiving my Oscar, your name will be on my list of persons to thank.

Being a screenwriter is a dream of mine.  I read

your Mini Course in Screenwriting and was so

impressed I had to write this letter.  What impressed me so much is the way you broke down the script and explained it in a way I could understand.  I've taken courses that weren't free and didn't learn anything.  In just a few pages I learned more than you could imagine.  Thank you.


You have given me more insight than anyone I've worked with before.  What I paid to work with ________________ one time, I could have worked with you twice!


After reading your analysis all I can say is "WOW!"  I had no idea that you would take that much time to review our screenplay. Now about the review.  How dare you talk about our baby like that!  You are right on the money about everything that needs to be fixed.  After reading your comments and rewrites, all I could think was that you are a real screenwriter and we are just a couple of guys who wrote a screenplay.  It looks like we have some major work to make our work into a commercially viable property.  Thanks for all your effort.


First of all, let me say I feel I got my money's worth.  Your inclination toward teaching came through on virtually every line of the critique, and I reluctantly had to admit your remarks were on target.  But hey, that was my first crack at screenwriting. I think I can do better.  I've already had requests from a couple of fellow writers to read your critique, so your teaching will be going further than you knew. For my part, I've decided to break the script down and try to re-write it, using your guidelines. I'm also going to start a new script, an adaptation of another one of my novels. I have a feeling this screenplay will be better.

Thanks very much for the quick response and detailed analysis. I intend to follow your advice and make the necessary changes in time for the contest deadlines. The 'resolutions' you disclose come as a relief to me, believe it or not. I've struggled with this story for so long that I actually look at things like "identifying the Hero earlier, exposing his needs and endearing him to the audience" as relatively simple amendments. 

Thanks again for the analysis and especially the "Mini Course" notes. I found them invaluable in bringing to life how so much important information and character development can be unfolded quickly and without wasted pages of set-up time. I feel that I got a tremendous bargain for my money and intend to send another script to you within the next two weeks for your thoughts. 


I got your response back on the screenplay.  I think you're absolutely right and I appreciate all of the hard work you put into it. I like your suggestions and will get back to work on it.


Your analysis has been very helpful as I begin the process of a rewrite. I knew that I had problems with my story and I think that your analysis is dead on. Hopefully, I will be able to use your comments to create a tighter story with a sounder premise.  Thanks again and thanks also for the quick turnaround.

I am really pleased with the work you have done for me. I see exactly what you are talking about with your notations. I will review my work and continue making effort towards its completion.


Thank you for the time and effort you put into my screenplay.  Your compliments were inspiring and your insights have put me - finally - on the right track to a better story.  I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks again for your help.  I got a rewrite done about a month after your review and after making the changes you suggested, it worked much better for me. I threw it in a drawer for a month and read it again. I was amazed at how pleased I was with it.  I had a really good feeling about it from beginning to end.  It just felt right.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have a lot of work to do and I can't wait to get started.  I needed a professional to give me some feedback and boy, did you!  Thank you a 1,000 times.


Your observations are right on. Thank you. We were too close to see what was wrong with the story. We will work on the corrections and send it back for another review in a few weeks.


I just wanted to let you know that an independent film company has finished filming my first feature and plans on filming my second feature in the Summer.  I have a few other projects in the works...  I wrote all this to say thank you!!! Your analysis of my screenplay helped me refine my work and I was able to complete several new pieces.


Many thanks for your thoughtful time and guidance.  My screenplay arrived in the mail last Thursday and I dug into polishing it up immediately.  The excellent ideas you've extended will help me improve the story line and increase the chance of audience pleasure.  I take your positive encouragement as the permission I needed to give myself to reach for more emotional depth of characters and intensify the risk of the hero’s journey.  Back to reading, studying and re-writing,

Thank you so much for analyzing my script and for the helpful Screenwriting inserts and examples.  I am going to make the revisions you suggested and hopefully fix everything else.  Since this was the first draft of my first ever screenplay your encouragement meant a lot and your instruction I have taken to heart.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks for the story summary, it was awesome.  Probably the most touching to me was to hear my story told back to me.  It made me smile.

I just received your evaluation and was thrilled to read your insights because I learned so much.  Thank you for your honesty.


Wow… I really needed that… Thank you very much for your review and consultation. I appreciate your compliments as well as your honest corrections.  “You would never guess how experienced Paul Cooper is by his hip friendliness or his modest fee, but my God, you have got to send your script to him before sending it anywhere else. He will clearly show you how to improve your screenplay. If you’re like me, editing until you’re blind, he’ll help you see straight. Paul cares about making you a better writer and will tell you the truth…with compassion. His credits are amazing, but he enjoys reading scripts and helping writers at all levels improve. Don’t miss this chance to have a professional analyze your writing at a fair price. You've  got to check out his website, and see for yourself… Thank you, Paul!”


Wow!  Whew!  I feel like I walked into the land of a creative genius.  You are the answer to my prayers!  Your writing is so smooth, compelling and emotional!  I loved it!  I loved the Mini-Course!  I learned so much with just two pages!   Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  for sending this to me!  I have read other pro writers views on script writing   Many from the "Writers Store Online E-mails" on advice and wisdom from the pros and none of them puts it down like you -- plain simple concise, no mumbo jumbo fancy prancey big words to try to figure out!  You are truly a genius and an unselfish one.  To create this FREE for writers, many of whom are financially struggling is truly a very thoughtful, unselfish act.  God bless.      


Paul  You are opening a new world for me. Your guidance, suggestions, insight, analysis --- and identifying new routes for corrections.  I will begin rethinking ways to translate your comments in the next revision.    I am indebted to you.

Wow.  It's amazing what you can see in your writing when somebody else shows it to you. I've only done one quick read-through of your analysis, but I can see you've given me a lot to think about.  I halfway expected some of your comments re: tension, character development, etc.  I read Chris Vogler's "Writers' Journey" after I wrote this script and your words just reinforced his points.   Thanks---



I received your comments over the weekend and....wow!  I can see why you are a professional working screenwriter.  I began working on the changes you suggested and will take my time to get it right.  Thanks again.

I received your analysis today and all I can say is ... WOW!  Thanks so much for your valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.  My mind is racing with the possibilities.  As a first time writer, this was a great learning experience.  Thanks again for your advice and words of encouragement.


Many thanks for your analysis, and if you are expecting howls of protest from me . . . you won’t get ‘em!  After 20 years of writing for print I have learned how to recognize someone who knows what he’s talking about and how to take good advice.  I was delighted not only with the depth of your coverage but its pinpoint accuracy.  I had exactly the reservations about the script that you honed in on, and you added quite a few more that I had not spotted.  You opened my eyes as to how the script can be greatly improved.  Thanks again for your help and your great insight.



You made me look like a genius sending my script to you for analysis.  Perceptive, instructive, poignant commentary and analysis.  I am following your key points. Thank you for the encouragement and for taking time from your lustrous career to help this fledgling writer.

I just wanted you to know that The Sand Angel won its first screenplay competition.  The African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC) in New York will announce the winner at their film festival this summer.  I've started on my next screenplay and I'm keeping in mind, "premise, pacing, etc." as I write (smile).  I'll update you later about the Nicholl's results.

You have helped me TREMENDOUSLY, and I want you to know that I am grateful for your help. As someone who teaches, I really appreciate a great instructor, and I can see you truly are one.


I just read through your notes and comments about my script.  First of all, thank you for getting through this so quickly.  Your comments and suggestions are right on the nose.  You've articulated a few notions about the script that were floating around in my head that I was unable to really develop into a coherent (and usable) thought.  I'll need a little more time to do a complete rewrite, which shouldn't take long given your expert suggestions.  Also, I mentioned you to my lawyer (who is also a writer) and plan on giving you my highest recommendation. 


We received the returned script and comments over a week ago but we were so excited and inspired by your comments we have been spending every spare moment re-structuring, re-formatting and re-wording and therefore have not even found the time to write and thank you.  The comments were fantastic, inspirational and immediately shed light on some very obvious problems that we had skimmed over so many times before.  We are certainly taking your advice and would love to discuss some changes with you in the near future.
KM and PV

Thank you very much for your most useful course and also for your very positive and valid comments on my script. I shall be working on it immediately and then hopefully place it somewhere.  Agents are hard to find.  I will be sending you another script of a very different genre within the next two weeks. You are too good not to use!


We loved your analysis.  We're digesting it now and fixing things.  As you might have guessed, Bloodmask is actually a shooting script which we're in "advanced pre-production" on.

More soon.

I have just received your work and I thank you a lot. You have done a great job.  For the first time I read a so complete and generous criticism of my script.  I will rewrite it right away following your advice.


We got your notes and they are extremely helpful.  Thank you so much for your time and effort.

SWS and DH

Your insight is quite superior and you have given me a clear path in taking this script to the next level. Thank you very much.  Money very well spent.


Thank you for the excellent, very professional script analysis.  Got a lot work to do on several fronts, but I believe in the premise and will begin the rewrite as soon as possible.  I hope to pass referral business to you, Paul. It's apparent you not only demonstrate a professional screenwriting background as advertised on your web site, but also you have a keen sense of what makes a good story. You should write a book like McKee. Seriously, with emphasis on creating great characters and great stories.


Paul I just wanted to thank you for your in-depth analysis concerning my screenplay.  Your comments and notes were straight forward and to the point.  From the moment of reading it, it was if a light came on inside of me.  I felt like I had taken a power packed, one-day scriptwriting course.  Everything you said was right on.  I knew I needed some help, which is why I’m still an amateur.  I see now, why you are the best at what you do.  I understand too, why so called “Coverage” is really just a waste of time and information that you really can’t use to effectively inform you of what works and what does not work and why.  You provided all of these elements and then some.

Thank you very much for the evaluation.  I have read it, and it will be of great benefit to me.  It's so encouraging to get such a positive assessment from a writer of your credit.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.  As we say in Australia, Thanks Mate!


I just got my script and notes back and I'm very appreciative.   I'm going to really take some time to study it, and then begin my re-write.  Wonderful job you've done for me.  Thanks again.

I wanted to say thanks for the help and valuable input you gave my script.  You critiqued the script for me last May.   Emma Rose has advanced to the semi-final round of Nicholl Fellowships competition. A large reason for this is because of the important feedback you gave me which took the script to the next level.  Now I'm not honing my pencil yet to write my Oscar speech (I would prefer a fat check actually). But I just wanted to say thanks. If it advances to the finals, I'll let you know.

Personally speaking, the information, the education, and the enlightenment was worth a thousand times more than your service fee.  Even though my family laughed at me as I read it aloud, saying OUCH ! the whole time, I really did (and do) appreciate your straight-forwardness.  It takes iron to sharpen iron.

Wow - that was exciting.  I soaked in your every word.  Your comments were much more than I hoped for.  Thank you so very much!



Wanted to let you know that my recent script "Rendered" is now a finalist in the prestigious Walt Disney Writing Fellowship.  Top .7% out of 2000+ entries or rather in the top 12.  Disney will be flying me out on the 14th for a series of interviews with Disney/Touchstone execs.  They will decide the four Fellows just before Thanksgiving.  As always Paul, thank you for your feedback and encouragement over the last few years.  I look forward to staying in touch and I'll let you know how things go.  And oh, I'll be pushing my next screenplay "Twenty" to you within the next month or so.  Talk to you soon.

Just read your summation again (half way through rewrites).  I'm startled at your insight!!!!!!  Things are flowing well.

Thank you very much for your most comprehensive evaluation which Ellis and I will now devour like hungry little pups.  We found your comments so insightful and "bang on the money".

LI and EP

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your analysis.  It was awesome!  I really appreciated your Mini Course.  I gained great value from your thorough review and opinions.  You have given me great food for thought.  I appreciate your frankness and although painful to some extent, my goal is to have a winning script that makes it to the big screen, my goal is not to get a pat on the back and I think your review will help to put me on the right path.  Thank you again!


Thank you for your professional insight!  Much needed.  It gives me a starting point from which to work.  I knew my script was not ready and I have much to look at in the rewrite.  I suspected that my characters were more retroactive than proactive and I need to find the driving force to pull through the story.  I would like to call upon your services again when my rewrite is complete.

Thanks so much for your evaluation as well as the mini-course.  All of it is tremendously helpful.  You pinpointed and expressed clearly just what seemed a bit off but I couldn't figure it out as concisely or why.  Thanks!  I will get busy with changes soon.


Thanks Paul, those are great notes!  Great analysis.


Thank you for doing such a thorough job of critiquing my script.  I truly feel that your feedback was very helpful in moving forward with a more professional product.


I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant analysis.


Thanks so much for your help in reviewing my script. I really appreciate your insight and all the tips you gave me. I can use them to apply to other scripts as well.


I went through your analysis briefly this morning. Excellent. Thank you. You truly are passionate about your writing, and it shows. For a novelist (and self-taught screenwriter) it is the most comprehensive and understandable analysis anyone has ever done for me. I get what you are saying about the screenplay genre and how to approach this story.  You are quite good, Senor. I want to get it right before I submit it.  You guessed that I am passionate about writing, and I cannot tell you how much your skillful analysis has turned my head to an understanding of the craft side of screenwriting. There is so much bad advice floating out there from non-writers.


Many, many thanks for your uplifting words and suggestions - not to mention the speedy fashion in which you got them to me. It was much appreciated.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my script. The encouragement, the suggestions, and the recommendations really mean a lot. Having a pair of experienced eyes go over things was very helpful.  I've read, re-read, and rewritten this script so many times, I actually didn't realize it was utterly devoid of conflict! Thank you again for your analysis. It's been extremely helpful and I very much appreciate it.



What I notice about your feedback compared to other script consultants is that you are a writer yourself and hence have the experience to make good suggestions for constructive development of a script.  If you ever need a recommendation, let me know.

Can you hear me screaming and jumping up and down for joy!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it!  Your critique means so much to me.  And yes, I've been practicing since last you'd heard from me.  It makes me so happy that the work seems to have paid off.  And yes, I will do everything you've said to do.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your words are so encouraging and you have no idea what they mean to me.


Thanks so much for your helpful and encouraging evaluation of my screenplay.  I am very impressed with the amount of thought and effort that you put into your analysis.  You obviously possess keen insight into story and structure.  The suggestions you gave me for improving my story have given me much to think about. 
Again, thanks for the help.  I've already recommended your services to some of my fellow writers.

Wow!!!!!!!! too much. I can't thank you enough- my goodness. I just hope you know how much this means to me. Your analysis is incredible- I see it so clearly- everything perfectly outlined. So, now well armed and fully embracing your magnificent assistance- I venture forth. Deepest, warmest regards and appreciation.


Thanks so much for getting this back so quickly. This is exactly what I wanted and what I needed. I've had other professionals critique some of my other work and they didn't come close to your analysis and suggestions. Suggestions on how to improve my work, not just stating the flaws, were important to me. So thanks!!!!!


Well, you are a true genius, sir.  All of us could use your help with a screenplay analysis. You make it so simple to understand how everything just clicks. Not only for this script but also for the next ones.  Thank you again sir for your Mini Course and your valuable time. You are such a master! I will absolutely need your help again in my next project if you don’t mind reading it.


Your analysis of my script is fantastic. I got it yesterday evening and read the whole thing standing up.  I have to tell you that I was really, really happy to see your comments about “not telling the actor how to act.” I tend to think so executionally that I want to explain every facial expression and try to put every precious moment and detail down on paper—especially whatever song I hear playing in my head for that particular scene.



Although I feel as if I've been taken to the woodshed, your analysis is exactly what I needed and, to some extent, expected. And I will definitely learn from it.  I sincerely appreciate your advice and encouragement. Up until two months ago, I had no intention of even attempting such an endeavor. However, I've learned more about the process from your analysis than I did from all my previous research.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again sometime in the future.

You do excellent work. I now realize how much better the script is going be when I finish editing. I have so far removed about 20 pages which makes the script simpler as you suggested.


I received your analysis of my screenplay, and I'm very impressed by the depth and quality of it. I agree that the story needs to be simplified and that certain story elements are too far-fetched to be believable. I needed someone to tell me this, and you have! This has been money well spent. I have already started my revision based on your feedback, and I know the script will be much better because of it.


Your wonderful screenplay edit - "Einstein's Daughter" - was selected as runner up /best screenplay at the Long Island International Film Expo.  I'm flying to NYC to accept the award and network.

Greetings: I am writing to thank you for your exceedingly valuable analysis and comments on "The Seduction of Narcisa".



AWESOME!! EXACTLY what I needed. I thought I was screenwriter until today. It's obvious that I love to write. When someone equips you with the tools to do what you feel you've been put on this earth to do, the feeling is incredible towards that person. I love to write but now I know how to write (I think I do anyway). I just have to figure out how to take what you've given me and apply it. God bless you for what you do. The no holds barred, cut and dry analysis is just what I needed. The good thing is I understand what you were saying in all eleven pages. I plan to contact you as soon as I'm done with the rewrite. 


We would like to thank you for your analysis and insight.  Your feedback, tips and suggestions are invaluable to us. When we first started looking for someone to evaluate our screenplay, our number one fear was that someone would just skim through it and provide us with nothing usable  Clearly, you put a lot of sincere effort into the review and took the time to fully understand the story. The examples you wrote out for us help immensely and we are using those and your other suggestions to tighten up the screenplay. Also, the logline and summary you provided for us are excellent. We were struggling with those. Once we have it in shape, we will post it on Inktip.com. Thanks for your recommendation!
TE and JM

Thanks for your in depth analysis of my script.  I am very excited by your insights and suggestions.  I love your ideas.  I marveled at how you could condense an overwritten scene and make it come to life.



Thank you very much for providing such clear and detailed feedback on my script.  It's obvious that you gave it careful attention, and for that I'm truly grateful.  Many of the things you noted, such as the slow start and the extended denouement, were things I was aware of -- and wresting with. Your suggestions were particularly helpful in giving me direction and focus, and I'm already on my way to addressing them.  I also appreciate the encouragement. Thank you.  It's really an honor to have the chance to learn from you, and to get access to your no-nonsense insights and expertise. I'm looking forward to absorbing all your input and applying it to the next draft.

Your analysis of our script is amazing.


Thanks for your hard work on my script. I truly got more than I could ever expect. Your critique was insightful and sincere.


As always- amazing.  I totally get your points, and absolutely agree.  You are too much.  I can't thank you enough.  I see it--all the comments--I get it.  You're doing a great job coach, thanks for the playbook. round three coming up.


You're good!  I'm gonna digest your suggestions and I may get back to you again if that's OK  But lemme just say I consider you money well spent!


You are amazing!  Your analysis is incredible and you've helped me more than I could have imagined.  You are truly a great teacher, and have given me new motivation to improve my work.  Even more importantly, you've given me direction and guidance to achieve my goal of becoming a better writer - one who can write stories worth telling. You really helped me to see the big picture with my script, and to think of it more in terms of a feature film screenplay.  Your suggestion for an intro scene was amazing and the writing was so compelling!  My mind is racing with ideas to spin the intro into a big bang sequence based on your advice.  All of your insights and suggestions were so helpful!  


I wish I had read your mini-course in screenwriting before I had written my scirpt.  Of all the screenplay books I've read, none was as concise and directly applicable to my screenwriting.  You conveyed in 7 pages what other books struggle to do in 100.  I plan to keep reading more and more screenplays just as you suggested.  I have an app on my iPad called ‘Scripted’ and it lets me download hundreds of scripts for free, so I know I’ll be busy reading for the foreseeable future.



Thank you so much for your constructive criticisms, compliments, and for all your time and help.  I can’t wait to rewrite my script and see how much better it is after I internalize and apply your advice.  I am so glad I put my work in the hands of such an experienced and accomplished writer.  Thanks and can’t wait to hear from you again!


Thanks again.  $265 is not a lot of money to pay for something requiring genuine, and I’m sure hard won, expertise.   


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