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Okay, you've written a screenplay.


You probably think it's pretty good or you would've tanked it by now. A few friends and family read it and offered some feedback but nothing you can use. So you're thinking it's time for a professional to take a peek at your baby and tell you the unvarnished truth. Now we all know there are a lot of writers out there and a ton of screenplays circulating, the vast majority of which, pardon my candor, stinks! (the words, not the writers) But remember this...

There are always specific reasons why a screenplay fails.  ALWAYS!

I suspect you have a darn good tale, maybe even a great​ one.  But if your screenplay isn't working, you need to know why.  Start here and learn this:
 Screenwriting is a craft. Storytelling is an art. You have your story. Now you need to learn some craft -- how to tell your story -- how to put it on paper -- how to write that jaw-dropping screenplay. 

​You want a better screenplay, right?  Well, here's what I'll do.  I'll read it and write an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your screenplay.  I'll find those specific reasons why your script doesn't work (assuming, of course, your script doesn't work).  I'll cover everything pertinent regarding the mechanics, formatting and story content.  I'll provide you with script/page notes and offer specific suggestions to improve your story.  We can discuss it on the phone, if you like, and I'll help you with a one-page synopsis and the all-important agent query letter.  And I'll do all of this in a very professional and (you'll appreciate this) compassionate manner.  Everything we discuss will be kept strictly confidential and you will retain sole ownership of the material at all times.  My job isn't to cut off your legs. 

I'm going to give you the tools you need to be the best writer you can be.  

There are three crucial questions that must be asked concerning any story.  If you know the questions and can answer them correctly with regards to your story, then you will have your premise and understand the reasons for your screenplay's strengths and weaknesses. 

My philosophy is, keep it simple, Jack.  Some folk go into theory and 9 to 24 Act structure, myth creation and thematic whatzit.  Makes me dizzy.  I simply show you why your story works or fails.  You probably have too many words and not enough story.  Your script is packed with story stoppers -- I will seek out and kill them.  We'll discuss in length your structure, pacing, characterization and the all-important dialogue.  Earl Hamner, creator of "The Waltons" and "Falcon Crest", told me that after a character speaks 16 words, the audience stops listening.

So now you're convinced.  You're willing to peel off some skins and hand your baby over to a pro. 

But which pro? 

Lord knows there are a lot of us "industry professionals" out here.  Many, I suspect, are very good.  But ask them for their credits.  Find out just how many scripts they've actually written (and sold).  Most of these professionals are readers, not writers.  Some will charge you $350 up to $850 and more.  Seems kind of steep to me.  My normal fee is $265 but for a limited time I'm offering my services for only $195. ​

So think about it and when you're ready to make the investment read my policies and services page.                                             


E-mail me if you have any questions and let's see if we can create something beautiful together.

Oh, almost forgot.  Ask for my  Screenwriting Course.  It contains vital information you need to get your script off on the right foot.  And it’s FREE.  No obligation.  Just write me and ask for it.

Paul W. Cooper,
the Hollywood Working Writer


​​​​​updatedNov. 2020

New Service


I will proof your script to eliminate

all typos, misspellings and grammatical errors and ensure that your material is properly formatted to studio standards.

Look like a Pro.

Be confident your material makes the best impression possible.

I might even tweak some of your dialogue and make your narrative more fluid by cutting out the deadwood and rehash.


          You're gonna love it!



Save $70

Full in-depth screenplay analysis




             yours totally FREE

Lesson One:  The Act One setup. How to begin your screenplay. The elements necessary to begin your script and get off to a fast start. Also, information on writing your winning Logline and determining the Theme of your story.


Lesson Two:  Learn the process to develop your idea used by all professional writers. Answer the question “What if?” Then ask it again and again. Read this lesson and you’ll see what I mean.


Lesson Three:  How to Write a Synopsis and Treatment. I show you examples of the Synopsis and a Treatment I used to write and sell an actual screenplay to the Animal Planet. Use these as models when writing your own.


Screenplay:  And here is the Screenplay I wrote from the Treatment I sold to the Animal Planet.  It was produced and became a movie titled Night of the Wolf starring Anne Archer and Robert Urick.

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